Velvet Founders Club
Join the genesis of Velvet DAO & its mission to democratize asset management
DeFi Operating System for Seamless
On-chain Portfolio Management
Velvet DAO unites Web3 builders, thought leaders and top fund managers to create the first Cross-Chain DeFi Operating System, removing barriers to entry for emerging asset managers
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Join Velvet DAO
Shape the future of DeFi
  • Double your reward
    points airdrop
    Enjoy increased reward points which can be used to further engage with Velvet.Capital
  • Receive an additional airdrop up to 1,000,000 reward points
    An additional way to gain more reward points to use within the Velvet.Capital ecosystem
  • Get a portion of royalty fees on secondary sales
    A token of appreciation for your participation and support
  • Create a vault on Velvet.Capital marketplace
    Use your NFT as a key to create a vault on Velvet marketplace that other users can explore
  • Double your voting
    Increase your ability to participate in platform governance & future development
  • Receive exclusive Velvet Founders swag
    Get physical merchandise as a thank-you for being a part of the community
  • Access private in-person
    Opportunities for networking with Web3 founders, thought leaders & fund managers
  • Join a closed group of founders & fund managers - Velvet DAO Genesis
    Connect with core team & other members to discuss protocol development
  • Access exclusive strategies
    by top partner Hedge Funds
    Gain insights into the thinking of experienced industry professionals
About the mint
If Velvet Founders NFTs are sold out during the pre-sale, there will be no further sales
  • 0.33 ETH
    Pre-Sale (ENDED)
  • 0.69 ETH
  • 1,499 NFTs
    Collection Size
  • Ethereum
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